Book Clubs

We have a variety of subscription book clubs designed to provide you with fresh and exciting books each month.

How does it work?

Each month the club pick is charged to your credit card and sent to you with free shipping (within the United States). If you have other titles on order with us, picks may be held and shipped with your other books when possible.  As we often receive our club picks in limited quantities, we are sorry but no substitutions are possible. You may resign from a club, or switch to another, at any time.

How do I join?

To enroll, call or email us. Phone: 888 560 9919 toll-free or 480-947-2974, Email:

Can I give a club membership as a gift?

Absolutely! A membership is a terrific gift.

To sign someone up, contact us with the name and shipping address of the recipient and supply your own credit card number. You will be billed each time a book is sent.

We will send an announcement to the recipient to acknowledge the gift.

British Crime Club

For the reader of British mystery, traditional and contemporary, trade paperbacks or unsigned hardcover books published in the US or the UK. One paperback or hardcover per month. More info »

Cozy Crimes Club

For the reader of Cozy Crimes. Members of this club will receive books published in the US or the UK. Six signed hardcovers per year. More info »

Crime Book-of-the-Month Club

This club is for the mystery fan who doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed into one particular sub-genre.  We’ll be drawing from a variety of different styles – thrillers, psychological crime novels, hardboiled/noir fiction, police procedurals and more – to provide you with a well-rounded reading experience throughout the year.  More Info

First Mystery Club

Excellent for collectors interested in hot new voices, but also for readers who want to try something new without just guessing what’s worthwhile. Range is US, UK, or Canadian. The First Mystery Club will be one signed first per month. More info »

Historical Fiction Mystery Club

For the reader who delights in historical fction, almost always historical mystery though we’ve been known to sneak one or two great historical fictions into the lineup. Picks are often UK. eds. Monthly. More info »

Notable New Fiction

Any significant fiction. It can have a mystery element but is not considered a crime novel. Though we look for new works the Pick can as well be from an established author. Picks are almost always US. You may check new monthly releases on our website or subscribe to our monthly Booknews. Monthly. More info »

Mystery-of-the-Month Club

Need a gift for someone who is difficult to buy for? Would you like to treat yourself to a surprise? We have the perfect gift for you, a gift that lasts the year though. More info »

International Book-of-the-Month Club

Interested in reading about how mystery and crime fiction is interpreted in other countries?  This club features new crime fiction set in diverse points around the globe.  Perfect for the armchair detective and traveler! More info 

SciFi & Fantasy Book-of-the-Month Club

For the fan of science fiction, fantasy, horror and speculative fiction.  With the assistance of Patrick King, our resident expert, we choose from the best new releases to give the adventurous reader a nice sampling of what’s going on in this exciting genre.  More Info

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