British Crime Club

For the reader of British mystery, traditional and contemporary, trade paperbacks or unsigned hardcover books published in the US or the UK. One unsigned paperback or hardcover per month.


January: Elliott, Lexie. Bright and Dangerous Things ( Berkley, $27.00).

A remote back-to-basics mountaintop retreat in the French Alps turns deadly as an Oxford fellow finds herself in the crosshairs of her late husband’s dangerous secrets.

The Chalet des Anglais should be the ideal locale for recently-widowed Oxford don Emily to begin cutting through the fog of her grief. With no electricity, running water, or access by car, the rustic chalet nestled at the foot of the verdant, snow-topped Alps should afford Emily both time and space to heal. Joining her will be a collection of friends from the university, as well as other fellows, graduates, and undergraduates.

Something feels off, though—heightening Emily’s existing grief-induced anxiety. Before even making it to the airport, she’s unnerved by a break-in at her home. Once at the chalet, tension amongst the guests is palpable. Her friends and colleagues are behaving oddly, and competition for a newly opened position has introduced a streak of meanness into the otherwise relaxing getaway. As hostilities grow, Emily begins to wonder if the chalet’s dark history has cast a shadow over the retreat. In the salon, a curious grandfather clock looms, the only piece of furniture to survive a deadly blaze a century ago. As its discordant bell begins to invade everyone’s dreams, someone very real has been searching through Emily’s things and attempting to hack into her computer.

When a student disappears, Emily realizes that she’d better separate friend from foe, and real from imagined—or the next disappearance may be her own.


Jan:  Robotham, Michael. When You Are Mine

Feb: Hallett, Janice. The Appeal

March: Lloyd, Sam. The Rising Tide

April: Lloyd, Ellery. The Club

May: Shemilt, Jane, The Patient & Thorogood, Robert. The Marlow Murder Club

June: Hawtrey, Evie. And by Fire

July  Toyne, Simon. Dark Objects

August  Cannon, Joanna. A Tidy Ending

Sept: Feeney, Alice. Daisy Darker

Oct: Cambridge, Colleen. A Trace of Poison

Nov: Mackintosh, Clare. The Last Party

December: MacBird, Bonnie. What Child is This? A Sherlock Holmes Christmas Story (Harper Collins, $26.99).


Jan:  Gosling, Victoria. Before the Ruins

Feb: Thomas, Russ. Nighthawking

March: Griffiths, Elly. The Postscript Murders

April: Johnstone, Carole. Mirrorland

May: Montclair, Allison. A Rogue’s Company

June:  Michaelides. The Maidens

July: Paris, BA. The Therapist

Aug: Hawkins, Paula. A Slow Fire Burning

Sept. Jewell, Lisa. The Night She Disappeared

Oct.:  Rader-Day, Lori. Death at Greenway

Nov. Glenconner, Lady Anne. A Haunting at Holkham


Jan:  Steadman, Catherine. Mr Nobody

Feb: Airth, Rennie. The Decent Inn of Death

March: Thomas, Russ. Firewatching

April: Bruce, Camilla. You Let Me In

MayForry, Lauren A. They Did Bad Things

June: North, Alex. The Shadows

July. Feeney, AliceHis & Hers

AugPerks, Heidi. Three Perfect Liars

Sept.: Cleeves, Ann. The Darkest Evening

Oct.:  McDermid, Val. Still Life

Nov: Macmillan, Gilly. To Tell You the Truth

Dec. Horowitz, Anthony. The Moonflower Murders