British Crime Club

For the reader of British mystery, traditional and contemporary, trade paperbacks or unsigned hardcover books published in the US or the UK. One paperback or hardcover per month.

Titles below are from the current year. Click here to download a complete list of past British Crime Club selections.


January: Reed, Eric. The Guardian Stones

February: Seddon, Holly. Try Not to Breathe

March: Flanders, Judith.  A Bed of Scorpions: A Mystery

April: Scott, Gavin. The Age of Treachery

May: Mackintosh, Clare. I Let You Go

June: Steiner, Susie. Missing, Presumed

July: Robertson, Michael. The Baker Street Jurors

August: Paris, BA. Behind Closed Doors

September: Kelly, Stephen. The Wages of Desire

October: Horowitz, Anthony. The Magpie Murders

November: Kinsey, T E. A Quiet Life in the Country

December: Hannah, Sophie. Closed Casket

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