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Every day word comes of a delay in publication date. Example: John Connolly’s The Nameless Ones ($28) just jumped from early October to the end of the month.

Facing this and with thousands of books to pack and ship in the next few months, we will be slower than normal in getting your books out to you. We thank you for your patience as we work to get your books to you as quickly as we can. We promise they’ll be worth the wait.

Supply-chain disruptions are rocking companies in the United States and around the world, pushing inflation higher, delaying deliveries and exacerbating economic uncertainty. Lack of paper supply and press time will snarl publishing. Don’t be surprised when books run late. A few have jumped into 2022 like the new Spenser Bye, Bye, Baby ($28) by Ace Atkins.

It is unclear when the snarls will clear up — and it’s possible they will get worse before they get better. The holiday season is right around the corner, American companies are running light on inventory, and early December is projected to be insane along with its shipping price increases. Emailed Gift cards for a dollar amount or a specific book may well be your very best gift option

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This week’s episode: Authors Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson discuss their novel Dark Intercept with special guest host, Julia Spencer-Fleming.

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