Cozy Crimes Club

For the reader of Cozy Crimes. Members of this club will receive books published in the US or the UK. One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month.


January: Benjamin, Callie. Sniffing Out Murder (Berkley, $17.00)

February: Lewis, Gerrie. The Last Word

March: Bull, Jessica. Miss Austen Investigates

April: Mack, Catherine. Every Time I Go on Vacation, Somebody Dies.

May: Camille Aubray. The Girl from the Grand Canal.


January: Meade, Amy Patricia. Of Mushrooms and Matrimony (Crooked Lane, $28.99).

February: Elinor Lipman. Ms. Demeanor (Harper, $27.00).

March: Brannigan, Ellie. Murder at an Irish Castle

April: Adams, Ellery. Paper Cuts

May: Colleen Cambridge. Mastering the Art of French Murder

June: Page, Katherine Hall. The Body in the Web


August: Quinn, Spencer. Mrs Plansky’s Revenge.

September: Carter, Ally. The Blonde Identity

October: Falco, Michael. Murder in an Italian Village

November: Andreina Cordani. The Twelve Days of Christmas

December: Celeste Connally. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord


Jan.:  Prose, Nita. The Maid

Feb: Jurczyk, Eva. The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections

March: Pandian, Gigi. Under Lock & Skeleton Key

April: Shelton, Paige. The Burning Pages

May: Nagreenda, Harini. The Bangalore Detectives Club

June: Bessette, Alicia. Smile Beach Murder  

July: Hare, Louise. Miss Aldridge Regrets

Aug: Valerie Burns, Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder & TE Kinsey, Rotten to the Core 

Sept. Rue, Gretchen. Steeped to Death

Oct: Golden, SK. The Socialite’s Guide to Murder

November: Romeril, Christina. A Christmas Candy Killing (Crooked Lane, $28.99).

December: Amy Tector. The Foulest Things (Turner Publications, $15.99).


Jan.: Walker, Laura Jensen. Hope, Faith & a Corpse 

Feb.: Cosimano. Finlay Donovan Is Killing It

March: Bennett, SJ. The Windsor Knot

April: Sutanto, Jesse Q. Dial A for Aunties

May: Manansala, Mia P. Arsenic and Adobo

June: Gardner, Tracy. Red Ruby Herring

July: Perkins, SC. Fatal Family Ties

Aug. Blake, Elizabeth. Death and Sensibility

Sept: Perry, Carol J. Be My Ghost

Oct.: Reyes, Raquel V. Mango, Mambo, and Murder

Nov.: Murray, Amita. Arya Winters and the Tiramisu of Death


Jan.: Simon, Clea. A Spell of Murder

Feb.: Bowen, Rhys. Above the Bay of Angels

March: O’Connor, Carlene. Murder in an Irish Cottage

April: Schellman, Katharine. The Body in the Garden

May: Whishaw, Iona. A Match Made for Murder

June: Berenson, Laurien. Game of Dog Bones

July: Gerber, Daryl Wood. A Sprinkling of Murder

Aug: Dennison, Hannah. Death at High Tide

Sept. Yu, Ovidia. The Mimosa Tree Mystery

Oct: Gates, Eva. A Death Long Overdue

Nov.: O’Connor, Carlene. Murder at an Irish Christmas

Dec: Cleland, Jane. Hidden Treasure