Historical Fiction Club

For the reader who delights in historical fiction, almost always historical mystery though we’ve been known to sneak one or two great historical fictions into the lineup. Picks are often UK. eds. One Signed First per Month.


January: Montgomery, Jess. The Hollows


March: Watson, Sterling. The Committee

April: Pattison, Eliot. The King’s Beast

May: Quick, Amanda. Close Up

June: Edwards, Martin. Mortmain Hall

July: Wade, James. All Things Left Wild

August: Hart, Elsa. The Cabinets of Barnaby Mayne






January:  Faye, Lyndsay.  The Paragon Hotel

February:  Nach och Dagg, Niklas.  The Wolf and The Watchman

March:  Ifkovic, Ed.  Run Cold

April:  Runcie, James.  The Road To Grandchester

May:  Massey, Sujata.  The Satapur Moonstone

June: Willig, Lauren. The Summer Country

July: Williams, Beatriz. The Golden Hour

August: Obrecht, Tea. Inland

September: Krueger, William Kent. This Tender Land

October: Woodson, Jacqueline. Red at the Bone

November: Greenwood, T. Keeping Lucy