J.H. Gelernter discusses The Montevideo Brief

In a fascinating virtual event hosted by The Poisoned Pen, J.H. Gelernter discussed his latest historical fiction novel The Montevideo Brief, as well as his crime novel The Siberia Job. written under the name Josh Haven, with our founder Barbara Peters.

Gelernter also introduced his earlier works, described as “James Bond crossed with Patrick O’Brian.” Barbara delved into the details of Gelernter’s books, exploring their historical settings and intriguing characters. She particularly emphasized how Gelernter skillfully weaves history and adventure, making his novels a must-read for fans of heroes and espionage.

Gelernter’s discussion touched on various topics, from the influence of music in Vienna during the Napoleonic era to the real historical events that inspired his stories, like the Treaty of San Ildefonso. The conversation also offered insight into the author’s background, including his adventures in physics and his connection to the world of publishing.

Gelernter shared his inspiration for writing historical fiction, his fascination with the Napoleonic Wars, and his research process. He also talked about his interest in crime fiction and his love for writing heist and financial fraud stories.

During the event, Gelernter mentioned various historical fiction authors, such as Patrick O’Brien, Ken Follett, and C.S. Forester. He also discussed his background in magazine writing and his interest in exploring different genres, including fantasy and romance.

The Montevideo Brief is set during the Napoleonic Wars and follows Captain Gray as he becomes a double agent and gets involved in a covert war with foreign intelligence. The Siberia Job is a crime novel based on real events and follows a Czech investor and an American businessman as they navigate the Russian gas and oil industry. If you’re a fan of historical fiction with a dash of espionage and rich characters, Gelernter’s books might be your next literary adventure. You may also enjoy our Historical Fiction Book Club.

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