Geri Krotow discusses The Kielbasa Killer

In a captivating virtual chat, author of humorous cozy mysteries Geri Krotow discusses The Kielbasa Killer, with John Charles from The Poisoned Pen. The session offers book lovers a peek into the creative mind behind the novel, along with a wealth of insights and anecdotes.

Prior to writing, Krotow served in the Navy as Intelligence Officer. She earned a Master’s Degree in Information Systems, got deployed to South America, Europe and Greenland and was the first female Intel officer on the East Coast to earn Naval Aviation Observer Wings.

In the interview, Krotow shares her military background and the process of getting published. “Mystery readers and the mystery genre allow me to put my mind in investigative mode, which is what I did in the Navy.” She also discusses her transition from romance writing to mystery writing. Throughout the chat, Krotow emphasizes the importance of enjoying the writing process and staying true to oneself as an author.  “I’ve learned to relax and not put as much pressure on myself” she said. “Instead, I focus on enjoying the writing process and staying true to my storytelling style.”

Her new mystery novel, The Kielbasa Killer, revolves around Lydia Winooski, a baker in Western New York who returns to her hometown to open her own bakery and cafe serving Polish American food. All is fine until a dead body turns up in her backyard smoker, making Lydia and her grandmother prime suspects, and setting the stage for a captivating mystery. As the story unfolds, Geri seamlessly weaves Polish-American culture into the narrative, introducing readers to a unique blend of traditions and festivities, while a blossoming romance adds a touch of warmth to the intrigue.

Geri’s meticulous research process comes to light as she shares her journey into Polish cuisine, butchering techniques, and historical elements. Drawing from personal memories and YouTube videos, she captures the essence of Polish dishes, tantalizing readers’ senses and immersing them in the cultural experience.

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