Preston & Child discuss Dead Mountain

In this captivating event hosted by The Poisoned Pen Bookstore, bestselling authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child delve into their latest work, Dead Mountain, and share insights, anecdotes, and a few surprises.

The conversation began with a casual exchange between the authors about their surroundings. They later dived into the heart of the matter – their latest release, and the fourth installment in the Nora Kelly series.

Douglas and Lincoln touched on the evolving roles of their characters, especially FBI agent Corey Swanson, who’s been steadily taking center stage alongside Nora Kelly. They teased with the idea that Corey might be overshadowing Nora, adding layers of complexity to the series.

They mentioned the mysterious real-life events that inspired Dead Mountain – the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident, where experienced hikers met a tragic, unexplained fate in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Doug and Lincoln explored the eerie details of the case, from frozen bodies to missing eyes and tongues, adding an element of intrigue to their novel.

Later, they discussed how they transplanted the Russian mystery to the unique New Mexico setting for the book, complete with rugged landscapes and historical layers, drawing readers into a world of archaeological mysteries and FBI investigations. The authors also shared their fascination with the region’s rich history, where petroglyphs and hidden treasures abound.

As the conversation unfolded, it became clear that Dead Mountain is not only a gripping mystery but also a narrative that brings their beloved characters together in a way readers haven’t seen before.

While the release date for their next book remains undisclosed, readers can look forward to more exciting adventures from this dynamic writing duo, including the final book in the Pendergast series and a collection of true stories by Douglas Preston.

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Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child discuss Bloodless

In an engaging and enlightening conversation, celebrated authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child discuss their 20th Agent Pendergast book, “Bloodless,” as well as their decision to set the story in Savannah. They mentioned that they wanted to continue the partnership between Pendergast and Agent Coldmoon, and felt that Savannah, as “probably the most creepy city in America, if not the world” was a fittingly eerie and atmospheric setting for the story. 

The novel follows Pendergast’s investigation into a series of blood-drained bodies that spark rumors of vampirism, although “Pendergast does not believe in vampires, or at least he’s pretty sure they don’t exist.”

Preston and Child delve into the partnership between Pendergast and Agent Coldmoon, highlighting their dynamic as they navigate the mystery. Their unlikely partnership emerges as a central theme, characterized by tension and collaboration while Constance contributes research skills and expertise that complement Pendergast’s enigmatic nature.

They also acknowledged the impact of the popular book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on attracting tourists to Savannah, and expressed their hope that their book will bring more attention to the city while also providing an entertaining mystery.

Drawing inspiration from the infamous DB Cooper hijacking, the authors delved into meticulous research to accurately depict the 1971 airplane technology. Their commitment to authenticity shines through as they weave historical events into their storytelling.

One of the key challenges the authors navigated was crafting a story that concealed the identity of DB Cooper while intertwining supernatural elements with investigative intrigue. The result is a complex narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Throughout the conversation, Preston and Child revealed insights into their writing routines and the collaborative process that has fueled their partnership for 15 years. Their passion for writing and meticulous revision highlights the dedication behind their work. Their work involves between six and eight rounds or revision.

As the discussion concluded, the authors reflected on the beauty of exploring cemeteries around the world – a fitting end to a conversation that journeyed through mystery, supernatural elements, and the intricacies of character dynamics.

With Bloodless, Preston and Child continue to captivate readers, offering an immersive experience that combines historical inspiration, supernatural intrigue, and the enigmatic allure of their beloved characters. 

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Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child discuss The Scorpion’s Tail

In an amazing online event hosted by The Poisoned Pen Bookstore, bestselling authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child discussed their latest book, The Scorpion’s Tail, the second book in the Nora Kelly series.

They explained how they decided to spin off Nora from the Pendergast series and pair her with newly minted FBI agent Corey Swanson. They delved into the intricate relationship between their characters, Nora Kelly and Corey Swanson, shedding light on how these two strong-willed women navigate their differences in the face of a spine-tingling discovery.

The authors also discussed their inspiration for Old Bones, based on the Donner Party and a gruesome, lesser-known story that allowed them to blend fact and fiction. They also shared the challenges they faced with Paramount Pictures, who own the rights to the Pendergast character. They expressed their frustration with the studio’s inaction in making a Pendergast TV series or selling the rights to another studio, despite the popularity of their books.

The duo also shared their deep connection to the American Southwest and how it played a pivotal role in crafting the novel’s evocative setting. The discussion even veered into the rich history of treasure hidden within mission churches—a fascinating backdrop to the story.

Throughout the event, Preston and Child took questions from eager fans, peeling back the curtain on their writing process, sharing their favorite literary gems, and even pondering casting choices for a potential Pendergast series.

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Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child discuss Crooked River

In an engaging virtual event, bestselling authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child discuss their book, Crooked River. The duo have been collaborating for over 25 years. They began the conversation by recalling how they decided to hold a live joint event back in 2012, when Doug suggested including Lincoln via Skype. “It’ll be like a real event, except without Lincoln in the room.”

The inspiration for Crooked River came from the real-life mystery of severed human feet washing up on beaches in British Columbia and Washington state. The authors conducted extensive research to incorporate scientific accuracy into the story, including studying drift analysis and lidar technology.

The authors reflected on their writing partnership and the intricacies of crafting thrillers. They acknowledged their intelligent readers, discussing the challenge of staying ahead of them while constructing compelling plots. They explored themes like the necessity of murder in thrillers and how suspense can be built without death, referencing Hitchcock’s “Rear Window.”

They also touch on their other projects, such as Lincoln Child‘s upcoming book “Death Match” and Douglas Preston‘s continued success with The Lost City of the Monkey God. They hint at future developments in the Pendergast series, including the possibility of bringing back certain characters.

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Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child discuss Old Bones

In a virtual event hosted by Barbara Peters from The Poisoned Pen, authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child discussed their latest novel, Old Bones. In a lively and humorous conversation, the authors shed light on their collaborative process and the intriguing elements of their latest work.

The novel combines elements of archaeology, the Donner Party, and a mysterious lost camp. When asked about the division of labor in Old Bones, Child humorously admitted he did “most of the heavy lifting on this one.” Preston then shared how the idea to explore the Donner Party’s history and the mysteries surrounding it led to the creation of their captivating new thriller.

Throughout the event, the authors showcased their shared passion for archaeology, with Preston revealing his familial ties to the field. “Both Lincoln and I come from archaeological backgrounds,” Preston noted. “We realized that the Donner Party’s story was a perfect fit for our new series.” Child recounted his early fascination with archaeology, stemming from his grandmother’s influence, and recalled a childhood experience excavating an ancient ruin and discovering artifacts, which ignited his curiosity for historical mysteries.

The authors discuss the influence of other authors on their work, such as Arthur Conan Doyle, H.P. Lovecraft, and M.R. James. For this book, their research led them to explore intriguing aspects of the Donner Party story, including cannibalism, the challenges faced by the pioneers, and the mysteries that surround their ill-fated journey. In the event, the authors also discussed the main characters in the book, Nora Kelly and Corrie Swanson, and how they handle the aging of their fictional characters.

As the conversation drew to a close, the authors hinted at potential future projects, touching on the possibility of revisiting beloved characters and exploring new settings. The authors mentioned their other writing projects, such as Douglas Preston’s non-fiction book Talking to the Ground, which was recently reissued with updates.

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