Preston & Child discuss Dead Mountain

In this captivating event hosted by The Poisoned Pen Bookstore, bestselling authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child delve into their latest work, Dead Mountain, and share insights, anecdotes, and a few surprises.

The conversation began with a casual exchange between the authors about their surroundings. They later dived into the heart of the matter – their latest release, and the fourth installment in the Nora Kelly series.

Douglas and Lincoln touched on the evolving roles of their characters, especially FBI agent Corey Swanson, who’s been steadily taking center stage alongside Nora Kelly. They teased with the idea that Corey might be overshadowing Nora, adding layers of complexity to the series.

They mentioned the mysterious real-life events that inspired Dead Mountain – the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident, where experienced hikers met a tragic, unexplained fate in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Doug and Lincoln explored the eerie details of the case, from frozen bodies to missing eyes and tongues, adding an element of intrigue to their novel.

Later, they discussed how they transplanted the Russian mystery to the unique New Mexico setting for the book, complete with rugged landscapes and historical layers, drawing readers into a world of archaeological mysteries and FBI investigations. The authors also shared their fascination with the region’s rich history, where petroglyphs and hidden treasures abound.

As the conversation unfolded, it became clear that Dead Mountain is not only a gripping mystery but also a narrative that brings their beloved characters together in a way readers haven’t seen before.

While the release date for their next book remains undisclosed, readers can look forward to more exciting adventures from this dynamic writing duo, including the final book in the Pendergast series and a collection of true stories by Douglas Preston.

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