Jack Carr discusses Only the Dead

In an illuminating virtual session hosted by The Poisoned Pen, acclaimed author Jack Carr, took center stage to discuss his latest work -and longest so far, Only The Dead. He also shared details of his transition from military service to a successful writing career. His journey underscores the importance of purpose, dedication, and the unwavering support of loved ones.

Drawing inspiration from Stephen Hunter‘s The 47th Samurai, Carr crafted a novel of truth and redemption, exploring multi-generational characters to enhance his stories. Carr’s remarkable narrative style and in-depth research have contributed to his novels’ success, opening doors to adaptations like a spin-off series for Amazon starring Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch.

The session, hosted by our founder, Barbara Peters, unveiled Carr’s distinctive writing process. Unlike conventional trends, Carr’s narrative is fueled by authenticity rather than market pressures. His books delve into decision-making, redemption, and the human psyche’s intricate layers. His process involves using a dedicated computer and email account solely for idea cultivation, an innovative approach that reflects his commitment to his craft.

Carr announced his upcoming venture into a new dimension, crafting a series of narrative nonfiction. His upcoming book delves into the 1983 Beirut Embassy bombing, a gripping story poised to captivate audiences with a unique blend of authenticity and revelation.

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Jack Carr discusses The Devil’s Hand with Barbara Peters

In a captivating virtual event held by The Poisoned Pen, bestselling author Jack Carr delved into the heart-pounding world of his latest book, The Devil’s Hand, in conversation with Barbara Peters. At the session, Carr discussed his inspirations, characters, and the creative process behind this gripping thriller, as well as the themes explored in his primal and visceral work The Terminal List.

Barbara introduced Carr reminiscing about their longstanding partnership that started with his debut novel. Carr shared his journey from military career to becoming an accomplished author, detailing his transition from service to storytelling.

Reflecting on his protagonist, Carr explained his motivation to continue Reece’s journey while exploring deeper psychological aspects. Carr’s engagement with current events and political climate also influenced the plot’s direction, as he addressed how adversaries learn from real-world occurrences. He emphasized the importance of adapting real-world experiences into his writing to make the story resonate and captivate readers.

The event provided fans with insights into Carr’s writing process, character development, and upcoming projects. He explained the story progression in his series, highlighting the themes of revenge, redemption, and the dark side of humanity.

The conversation also included Mark Greaney, who shared his excitement for the upcoming film adaptation of his book, The Gray Man and praised the talented cast involved in the project. Both authors expressed their support and admiration for each other’s work. Carr shared insights on adapting his works for screen and his approach to storytelling. “It’s a whole different medium, and I have a lot of respect for it,” he noted.

As the event concluded, Carr expressed gratitude for his readers and emphasized the significance of reader engagement in his writing journey. “I try to use those platforms as a way to say thank you to everyone because I couldn’t do what I love to do‚Ķwithout that,” he acknowledged.

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