DNA and The Panda of Death

I’m going to leave you hanging. You’re going to have to read Betty Webb’s article at CrimeReads to find out how DNA and Webb’s sixth book in the Gunn Zoo mystery series, The Panda of Death, are related. The article is called “Fact, Fiction, and a DNA Surprise”. Check it out here. https://bit.ly/3cBfFjZ

You’ll have the chance to talk to Betty Webb about that article, the Gunn Zoo series, and her Lena Jones series. She’ll be at The Poisoned Pen on Saturday, March 7 at 2 PM to sign The Panda of Death. That book, and her other books, are available through the Web Store. https://bit.ly/2uhnpCs

Is there anything much cuter than the cover of The Panda of Death?

California zookeeper Theodora Bentley is now happily married to Sheriff Joe Rejas. The Gunn Zoo is celebrating the arrival of Poonya, an adorable red panda, who forms a strong bond with Teddy. All appears fairytale blissful in the small Monterey Bay village of Gunn Landing until Teddy’s mother-in-law, mystery writer Colleen Rejas, has discovered through DNA testing that Joe has sired a son he knew nothing about. Dylan Coyle, 18, arrives to meet his biological family… and then is arrested for murder.

By the end of the book, besides solving the crime, Teddy and Colleen have learned that the term “family” does not always mean blood kin. It often includes those who—although no blood relationshipare still held close in our hearts.


And, just for me, ask Betty about Paris.