Jenn McKinlay’s Summer Reading

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I don’t know how Jenn McKinlay manages to read anything with her busy family and her writing schedule. Her latest Bluff Point Romance, Barking Up the Wrong Tree, was just released, and the third will be out in January. The new Library Lover’s Mystery, Death in the Stacks, has a November release date. Jenn’s one of the Poisoned Pen’s local authors, so you can buy signed copies through the Web Store.

You can learn more about the librarian turned New York Times bestselling author at her website,

Thank you, Jenn, for squeezing in time to tell us about your summer reading.


So, Lesa is off gallivanting in Paris and has left her blog in the clutches of authors. Oh, honey, what were you thinking? Quick, everyone, grab an ARC out of her towering pile of TBRs and let’s snuggle up with her cats, drink her tea, and have a good read.

I’m just joshing. As Lesa knows, I used to be a librarian so asking me to recommend books is like, well, suffice to say we could be here all day so I will whittle it down to three of my favorite recent reads.

WHEN FALCONS FALL. I was late to the party for C.S. Harris’s fantastic Sebastian St. Cyr series. Inexcusably rude of me, I know. So, how did I find this brilliant author? I was doing a group signing at the Poisoned Pen and one of the authors was C.S. Harris. We got to chatting and she was smart and funny and had a great laugh, so naturally, I bought the first book in the series What Angels Fear. And then I fell head over heels for St. Cyr. I mean a Regency nobleman who solves murders? Give me more! And she has. The entire series is terrific. We were recently signing together — again at the Pen — and I told her, “St Cyr is my fictional boyfriend, you know that, right?” C.S. (Candi) laughed and said, “Mine, too.” WHEN FALCONS FALL is the latest in this great series and while you don’t have to start at the beginning, I would because St. Cyr’s character arc is a wonderful read.


YOU’LL NEVER KNOW, DEAR. The face of the doll on the cover should have warned me that Hallie Ephron had penned a suspenseful page-turner that was going to suck me in and not spit me out until the very end. This was one of my favorite reads of the past few months. Hallie is brilliant at setting the scene, capturing the cadence of the South, and delving into the complex relationships between mother and daughter and sisters and how the past haunts the present with unanswered questions that simply can not be ignored. I was fortunate in that I actually got a sneak peek at this novel because Hallie and I blog together on Jungle Red Writers and she was very generous and sent me an advanced copy. Hallie and I have never met in person, so I am very much looking forward to meeting her and my other blog companions at Bouchercon in Toronto this October. Also, I can’t wait to hear what Hallie is working on next!


A STUDY IN SCARLET WOMEN. I am a Sherlockian. Don’t scoff! It is an actual word. I saw it listed in the Urban Dictionary, so I am citing my source. Anyway, how did I stumble upon Sherry Thomas’s fantastically refreshing twist on Sherlock Holmes? Well, we share a publisher (Berkley) and they put out a promotional piece about the book on Twitter and I thought, “˜A female Sherlock Holmes? Yes, please!’ And I am so glad I did. Sherry Thomas manages to capture the socially awkward, inquisitively brilliant, and fiercely independent Charlotte (Sherlock) Holmes perfectly. I found when I wasn’t reading the book, I was thinking about it, which to me is always an indicator of a terrific read. The second in the series A CONSPIRACY IN BELGRAVIA just came out and I can’t wait to jump back into Charlotte’s world.

Scarlet women

Thanks so much for letting me visit, Lesa. Bon Voyage! And, yes, I do expect to see a picture of you in a beret upon your return!


Merci, Jenn. I appreciate it!

You can find Jenn’s books, and her book suggestions at the Web Store.