Photos – Ramsay & McCafferty

If you missed the program featuring Frederick Ramsay and Keith McCafferty, you missed a fun time at The Poisoned Pen. For instance, McCafferty, who is the Survival and Outdoor Skills Editor of Field & Stream, brought bookstore owner Barbara Peters a gift. McCafferty writes about Sean Stranahan, a painter, fly fisherman, and private investigator, and Sheriff Martha Ettinger, in Montana. To commemorate his fifth book, he brought Peters a fly.

Fred, Barbara, Keith
Left to right – Frederick Ramsay, Barbara Peters, Keith McCafferty

Enjoy the pictures from that evening.

Fred and Keith
Frederick Ramsay and Keith McCafferty
Fred, Barbara & Keith with box
Can you tell McCafferty’s getting ready to present the gift?

Keith and Barbara

Keith and Fred
Keith McCafferty and Frederick Ramsay

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