Kevin Hearne Celebrates 10th Anniversary of The Iron Druid Chronicles

In a fantastic event hosted by The Poisoned Pen Bookstore, Kevin Hearne, the mastermind behind The Iron Druid Chronicles, celebrated the 10th anniversary of this beloved series. The event provided fans with insights into the creation and evolution of the series, as well as updates on Hearne’s current and future projects.

Patrick King, Science Fiction and Fantasy selector at The Poisoned Pen, introduced Kevin, who expressed his gratitude to fans for their support and enthusiasm.

Kevin shared his journey from the inception of the series, noting that when he first began writing, he never expected it would grow to such heights. He mentioned some entertaining anecdotes, like the time he misspelled “just desserts” as “just deserts” and fixed it in the reissued edition.

Hearne shared his excitement for the release of The Curse of Krakens, the third book in The Seven Kennings series, and discussed his other series, Ink and Sigil. He read excerpts from the bonus chapter, The Dead Flea Scrolls, and The Scroll of Sirius. Hearne also mentioned the possibility of a television adaptation and shared his experiences with Hollywood.

He also mentioned the reissue of the series with updated content, including new stories and jokes, and the collection of short stories and novellas, new bonus material exclusive to ebook and print editions. He also highlighted the role of readers and how their feedback influenced the reissue.

Hearne teased fans with upcoming projects, including a novella narrated by Oberon called The Buzz Kill and a short story in the anthology Unbound II. Kevin even hinted at a third book in the Inconsiderable series. As for the future of The Iron Druid Chronicles, he stayed tight-lipped about spoilers, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the series’ resolution.

Throughout the event, Kevin’s charisma and humor shone, further captivating his devoted readers. He also shared insights into his writing process, inspirations, and his early love for books like the Hardy Boys series.

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