James Rollins discusses The Cradle of Ice

In this captivating live event hosted byThe Poisoned Pen, acclaimed author of the Sigma Force series James Rollins discusses his book The Cradle of Ice, the second in a tetralogy set on a tidally locked planet. The event offered intriguing insights into the book’s origins and the creative process behind it.

Rollins explained the unique setting of the book: “It takes place on a tidally locked planet, where one side is always facing the Sun, and the other is eternally cold and shrouded in ice. The story revolves around a prophecy of the Moon crashing into the planet and the quest to prevent it.

He explained the inspiration behind the book’s title and its connection to the storyline of the Moon crashing into the planet, and shared how he developed the world and its different environments. Rollins highlighted the importance of maps in visualizing the world and how he worked with graphic artists to create them, stressing his philosophy of connecting with professionals in different fields to ensure the scientific accuracy of his novels. He also discussed the challenges of writing fantasy, including creating unique names and languages.

Rollins discussed the challenges of writing fantasy and balancing world-building with plot and character development and specifically delved into the challenges of writing fantasy and thrillers. “When writing fantasy, you want to be transported to that world and spend time there,” he said. “For thrillers, you need to provide more detailed descriptions, like describing a tavern.”

Towards the end, Rollins answered questions from the virtual audience, showcasing his passion for storytelling and the depth of research that goes into his novels.

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