John Sandford and Dana Stabenow in conversation

In an event hosted by The Poisoned Pen, acclaimed authors John Sandford and Dana Stabenow engage in a lively discussion about their latest books, inspiration, and writing processes.

John Sandford, known for his popular Prey series, shared insights into his latest latest Letty Davenport novel, Dark Angel, humorously mentioning it could have been titled “Lady Gets Laid” due to a significant relationship development. He also announced he is currently working on a standalone book but can’t reveal much about it yet, other than that it is “a great story”.

Dana Stabenow, famed for her Alaskan-based mysteries, discussed her inspiration from the Alaskan wilderness and the challenges of capturing the essence of her characters. She also introduced her latest book in the Kate Shugak series, Spoils of the Dead, which is set in Alaska and revolves around a mystery involving gas sabotage and wealthy landowners.

Stabenow also touched on the controversial use of AI in book creation, emphasizing the importance of human creativity and the edge it brings to storytelling. Both authors voiced their concerns regarding AI-generated images and the evolving landscape of writing, and expressed their doubts about AI’s ability to write novels with the same level of authenticity and depth as human authors. They also emphasize the importance of creating relatable and diverse characters in their books.

Towards the end, Sandford and Stabenow treated the audience to a book giveaway, adding to the excitement of the event. It was a captivating conversation that showcased the authors’ wit, wisdom, and camaraderie.

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