James Patterson discusses Cross Down

In this exciting virtual event from The Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona, renowned author James Patterson shared some insights about his latest book, Cross Down.

Patterson discussed the book’s origins, revealing it all began at the old Commodore Hotel in New York City and the suspense he felt after being told he won the Edgar Award for his first Alex Cross novel, thinking it was a hoax.

He also touched upon his collaboration with co-author Brendan Dubois and the process they go through to create their books. Patterson shared details about the storyline, including a retired CIA agent, Alex Cross, in Washington, D.C., dealing with jurisdictional disputes and a series of seemingly unrelated incidents.

Throughout the discussion, Patterson shared thought-provoking comments on themes such as trust, government, and societal divisions, and emphasized the importance of storytelling and research in his writing process.

In Patterson’s own words, “I’m not involved; I’m crazy involved.” He discussed the importance of keeping readers engaged and not letting the story become predictable. He also discusses his love for writing bookshots, which provide readers with a quick and accessible reading option.

Patterson also mentioned his involvement in various philanthropic efforts, including supporting independent bookstores and promoting reading among younger audiences.

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