C.J. Box discusses Storm Watch at The Poisoned Pen

Renowned author C.J. Box took the stage at The Poisoned Pen Bookstore to discuss his latest thriller, Storm Watch. The event was filled with humor, insights, and even a martini lesson or two, as Box engaged in conversation with our founder Barbara Peters.

Box started the evening with a nod to the in-person and online attendees, jokingly apologizing to those standing and hinting at the possibility of outdoor events in the future.

He then shared insights into his writing process, drawing inspiration from topics that interest him and weaving them into page-turning storylines. He highlighted how the Joe Pickett series always tackles current issues, this time delving into politics, resource management, energy, and environmental concerns. One intriguing plot twist involves an attempt to secede Wyoming from the Union, adding a thrilling layer to the story, among various issues addressed in the book, including cryptocurrency mining and the tension between states with federal lands.

Box expressed his approach of presenting both sides of controversial issues in his books and allowing readers to form their own opinions. Thus, the conversation didn’t shy away from the grittier aspects of the Western landscape, touching on rural poverty, meth addiction, and rising real estate prices due to tech entrepreneurs.

Throughout the discussion, the importance of ethics and doing what’s right in small communities resonated strongly. Box emphasized the unique dynamic of tight-knit Western communities, and how even in the face of disagreements, people must coexist and find common ground.

The conversation flowed seamlessly from character development to the challenges of writing and entering the world of TV adaptations. Box shared insights into his writing process, which includes having an ending in mind and writing a minimum of 1,000 words per day, his dedication to authenticity in his settings, and how his characters have evolved over the series.

In the final Q&A session, Box answered questions about his writing routines, his experiences as a journalist, and even shared a glimpse into the future of the Joe Pickett TV series.

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