The Real Book Spy’s 2023 Reading Guide

It’s hard to believe Jan. 31st was only two weeks ago. That’s the date The Real Book Spy released his 2023 Reading Guide for thrillers. Although he links to Amazon under Order Now, please be sure to check out The Poisoned Pen’s Webstore for titles of interest. And, watch for the authors! Many of them will be appearing at the bookstore for events, both live in-person, or virtually.

I hope The Real Book Spy doesn’t mind that I’m quoting him because I am going to send readers to his site to see the reading guide.

“The goal is to help readers figure out which books they want to prioritize diving into this year. And since we’ll update this list in the coming weeks and months, expect it to grow as new titles will be added frequently. We’ll still be rolling out monthly reading guides, which in the future will better highlight and offer analysis and feedback on specific titles, but for now, browse this list.

“Six or seven years ago, summer was, like, the season for must-read thrillers. Especially action thrillers. Now, there’s a really good balance throughout the year. In fact, I might even argue that spring is just as loaded. July looks especially strong this year, just as an FYI, but February is coming in hot too. And truthfully, there isn’t a down month in sight. That’s great news, so plan your book budget accordingly.”

Check out this list!