Michael Koryta and Lee Child

There’s a combination worth eavesdropping on, Michael Koryta in conversation with Lee Child. The occasion was the virtual release of Koryta’s Hot Book of the Week, Never Far Away. The Poisoned Pen hosted the event, and Lee Child stepped in for a conversation with Koryta. You can still order copies of Never Far Away through the Web Store. https://bit.ly/2wy0eIj

Here’s Never Far Away.

New York Times bestselling “master” of American thriller writing Michael Koryta returns with an electrifying new novel about a mother seeking to reconnect with her children after a terrible trial tears their family apart

Nina Morgan’s bloodstained car was found a decade ago on a lonely Florida road. Forensic evidence suggested she’d been murdered, although her body was never found. Her disappearance left her infant children to the care of their father.

Once a pilot, mother, wife, and witness to a gruesome crime, Nina had to flee her old life to save her family. She reinvented herself as Leah Trenton, a guide in the Allagash Wilderness in northern Maine. She never expected to see her children again, but now tragedy has returned them to her—only they have no idea that she’s their mother—and delivered all of them back into danger. “Aunt Leah” will need some help, and an old ally has a suggestion: an enigmatic young hitman named Dax Blackwell.

Never Far Away is a thrilling collision between old sins and new dreams, where the wills and ingenuity of a broken family will be tested against all odds.

Here’s a conversation you’ll want to hear, Michael Koryta and Lee Child.