Harlan Coben in Conversation with Barbara Peters

Tuesday, March 17 is release date for Harlan Coben’s latest standalone, The Boy from the Woods. Although the Coronavirus has interfered with his plans to be at The Poisoned Pen, he has signed copies of his book, and they’ll be available through the Web Store. https://store.poisonedpen.com

And, the Pen has a special event planned. If you’re self-isolating at home, spend the time online with Harlan Coben and Barbara Peters, owner of the bookstore.

Join Harlan and Barbara, Wednesday, March 18, 5:00 PM PDT for a Facebook Live chat on Poisoned Pen Bookstore’s Facebook page. Can’t make it? It can be viewed any time thereafter, and on Poisoned Pen’s YouTube channel from March 19. They will be able to address a few questions from the video audience. Email yours early to sales@poisonedpen.com.

 Harlan Coben The Boy from the Woods (click title to order)
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Found as a feral child running free in the Ramapo Mountain State Forest near the suburb of Westville, NJ, with no memory of his past but able to speak English, the boy appropriately named Wilde has returned to the woods to live as an adult after being raised in foster care. He’s happiest by himself, innocent of his own history. 

Then a child, Naomi Pine, goes missing. Not even her father takes this seriously, but celebrity TV lawyer Hester Crimstein has learned through her grandson that Naomi was relentlessly bullied at school. She insists that Wilde put his unique skills to work to find Naomi. As another teen goes missing, journalists and creepy security experts soon come calling, and Wilde, navigating his return to Westville, must uncover-and survive-a terrible secret. 

Coben fans spend a lot of time in suburbs, not all of them in NJ, with his characters but from time to time he enjoys leading us all into a more primal landscape as in his 2008 novel The Woods

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