James Anderson via Livestream

James Anderson, author of Lullaby Road, was just here at the Poisoned Pen, and Patrick Millikin interviewed him. Before I give you several other links, here’s the link to the Web Store if you want to order a signed copy. https://bit.ly/2mOjfyL

Lullaby Road

There are several links to share for this event. First, if you’d like to see Patrick’s interview with this fascinating storyteller, you can watch it on Livestream. https://livestream.com/poisonedpen/events/8028223

In the course of the interview, Anderson refers to an interview he did with Kaye Barley. He also talks about his book trailer for Lullaby Road, one with original music. Those can both be seen on this blog. Here’s the link to the interview and the book trailer, featured on Jan. 19. https://bit.ly/2DOxXgn