Dana Stabenow on Setting

If you’ve read any of Dana Stabenow’s books, you know how important the setting is. Her most recent book, Silk and Song, takes place along the Silk Road. Her Kate Shugak mysteries, such as the latest in the series, Less Than a Treason, takes place in Alaska. You can find copies, including signed ones of Silk and Song, through the Web Store. https://bit.ly/2F9m0Bq

And, just recently, you could find Dana herself talking about the background of the books on “Imported Ink”. Here’s the link to Stabenow’s guest blog, “Between Two Continents with Dana Stabenow”. https://bit.ly/2DDbBSw

Of course, you can always find interesting pieces on Dana Stabenow’s own site, https://stabenow.com/