Grecian & Fesperman at The Poisoned Pen

Patrick Millikin recently hosted Alex Grecian and Dan Fesperman at The Poisoned Pen. Grecian is on book tour for Lost and Gone Forever.

PP Lost and Gone Forever

A couple days ago, we linked to a NYTimes article about Dan Fesperman’s The Letter Writer.

PP Letter Writer

Would you like to see photos from the event?

PP Fesperman, Grecian, Patrick on stage
Left to right – Fesperman, Grecian and Millikin
PP Alex Grecian
Alex Grecian
PP Dan Fesperman
Dan Fesperman
PP Alex Grecian, Dan Fesperman
Alex Grecian and Dan Fesperman
PP Grecian, Patrick, Fesperman
Grecian, Millikin and Fesperman

This time, we can invite you to the event, via Livestream. Here’s the link so you can feel as if you were there for the interview.

And, of course, we have autographed books if you would like to buy one. Here’s where you can order Lost and Gone Forever

You can order The Letter Writer here.

Check it out!