Photo Day – James Rollins & Grant Blackwood

Are you as jealous as I am when I can’t be at a Poisoned Pen event? We do try to share some of the events through Livestream, and most of them with photos.

Here’s Grant Blackwood and James Rollins, authors of War Hawk, with Barbara Peters.

PP Rollins event 1

With the audience for the recent event, as they listen to Peters.

PP Rollins event 3

And, the authors in the back room.

PP Rollins event 2
Rollins and Blackwood

(Wouldn’t you like to see that back room sometime?)

If you couldn’t be there for the event, don’t forget you can watch it via Livestream.

And, you can still pick up a signed copy of War Hawk, along with Kane’s dog tag, as long as supplies last.

War Hawk