Post-WWII Crime, Kerr & Connell

Books about World War II and its aftermath are always popular, and the same is true about the authors who write about it. The Poisoned Pen recently hosted two authors who cover that territory, Philip Kerr, author of the Bernie Gunther books, and John A. Connell, who writes about Mason Collins. Here are just a few photos from the recent event.

PP Kerr Connell

(Left, Philip Kerr. Right, John A. Connell)

Here’s Kerr speaking about his book, The Other Side of Silence, as Connell, bookstore owner, Barbara Peters, and the audience listen.

PP Connell Kerr Peters again

Below is Peter Kerr, Barbara Peters, and John A. Connell.

PP Kerr Peters Connell

If you backtrack on the blog a week or so, you’ll find an interview with John A. Connell, author of Spoils of Victory. The first part of the interview is dated March 23, followed the next day by the conclusion.

Spils of Victory

You can still get an autographed copy of Philip Kerr’s The Other Side of Silence from The Poisoned Pen.

Other Side

Best of all, if you’re like me, jealous that you can’t be at The Poisoned Pen to see and hear the authors, you can get comfortable at home and watch the event via Lifestream.