First Mystery Club

Excellent for collectors interested in hot new voices, but also for readers who want to try something new without just guessing what’s worthwhile. Range is US, UK, or Canadian. 12 selections are made each calendar year. They do not arrive on any regular schedule.



February: Horby, Gill. Miss Austen

March: Bentley, Don. Without Sanction

April: Sligar, Sara. Take Me Apart

May: Wright, Lawrence. The End of October

June: Serritella, Francesca. The Ghosts of Harvard

July: Clark, Julie. The Last Flight

August: Neubauer, Erica. Murder at the Mena House.

September: Pavesi, Alex. The Eighth Detective

October: Osman, Richard. The Thursday Murder Club




January:  Montgomery, Jess.  The Widows

February:  Wilkinson, Lauren.  American Spy

March:  Tyce, Harriet.  Blood Orange

April:  Dow, David R.  Confession of an Innocent Man

May: Lelchuk, S.A.  Save Me From Dangerous Men

June: Dimberg, Kelsey Rae. The Girl in the Rearview Mirror

July: Nieh, Daniel. Beijing Payback

August: Parry, H.G. The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heap

September: Koepp, David. Cold Storage

October: Gault, Miciah Bay. Goodnight Stranger

November: Frank, Anita. The Lost Ones

December: Harnetiaux, Trish. White Elephant