First Mystery Club

Excellent for collectors interested in hot new voices, but also for readers who want to try something new without just guessing what’s worthwhile. Range is US, UK, or Canadian. Up to 24 selections are made each calendar year. They do not arrive on any regular schedule.

Titles below are from the current year. Click here to download a complete list of past First Mystery Club selections.


January: Chirovici, EO. The Book of Mirrors

February:  Howe, KJ. The Freedom Broker

March: Love, Melissa Scrivner. Lola

April:  Kovac, Christina. The Cutaway

May: Winawar, Melodie. The Scribe of Siena

June: Jordan, Harper. She Rides Shotgun

July: Hart, Hansen. The Driver

August: Rose, Augustus. The Readymade Thief

September: Kamal,Sheena. The Lost Ones

October: Johns, Roger. Dark River Rising

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