First Mystery Club

Excellent for collectors interested in hot new voices, but also for readers who want to try something new without just guessing what’s worthwhile. Range is US, UK, or Canadian. 12 selections are made each calendar year. They do not arrive on any regular schedule.


January: Donovan, Kemper. The Busy Body.

February: Pease, Amy. Northwoods

March: Estes, Christina. Off the Air

April: Nguyen, K.T. You Know What You Did


January: Reyes, Ana. House in the Pines (Dutton, $27.00).

February: Yamashita, Iris. City Under One Roof

March: Maxwell, Jessica. The Golden Spoon

April: DeStefano, Ren. How I’ll Kill You

May: Margot Duoaihy. Scorched Grace

June: Berry, I.S. The Peacock and the Sparrow


August: Simon, Nina. Mother-Daughter Murder Night.

September: Chua, Amy. The Golden Gate

October: Armitage, Richard. Geneva.

November: Urszenyi, Steve. Perfect Shot

December: Armstrong, Jess. The Curse of Penryth Hall


Jan.:  Willingham, StacyA Flicker in the Dark

Feb: Slocumb, Brendan. The Violin Conspiracy

March: Li, Grace D. Portrait of a Thief

April: Rothschild, Sascha. Blood Sugar

May: Canas, Isabel. The Hacienda

June: Hartstone, Joey. The Local

July: Teschner, John. Project Namahana

Aug  Emerson, Ramona. Shutter 

Sept: Urquhart, Alaina. The Butcher and the Wren

Oct: Godfrey, Bradleigh. Imposter

November: Hays, Katy. The Cloisters (Atria, $28.00 Signed).

December: Haven, Josh. Fake Money, Blue Smoke (Penzler, $26.95 Signed).


Jan.:  Dalton, Julie. Waiting for the Nightsong

Feb.: Pearse, Sarah. The Sanatorium

March: Andrews, Ali. Who Is Maud Dixon?

April: Christy, Bryan. In the Company of Killers

May: Carter, Mary Dixie. The Photographer

June: Nicieza, Fabian. Suburban Dicks

July: Newman, TJ. Falling

Aug. Moore, Taylor. Down Range

Sept.: Winstead, Ashley. In My Dreams I Hold a Knife

Oct.: Galloway, Gregory. Just Thieves

Nov.:Rosenfield, Kat. No One Will Miss Her


Jan.:  Hauty, Chris. Deep State

Feb.: Wegert, Tessa. Death in the Family

March: Bentley, Don. Without Sanction

April: Sligar, Sara. Take Me Apart

May: Wright, Lawrence. The End of October

June: Serritella, Francesca. Ghosts of Harvard

July: Clark, Julie. The Last Flight

Aug.: Neubauer, Erica. Murder at the Mena House

Sept.: Pavesi, Alex. Eight Detectives

Oct: Osman, Richard. The Thursday Murder Club

Nov: Selfon, Brian. The Nightworkers

Dec.:  Hart, Matthew. The Russian Pink