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This week’s episode features a fun, lively conversation with bestselling authors Megan Miranda and Riley Sager.

We thank you for sticking with us and for your generous orders and attendance at our Virtual Events and browsing our other outreach channels.

For you to select a book, you need to know something about yourself or the person you’re buying it for. It’s an important, thoughtful, personal decision. The magic of the bookstore is discovery.

Right now most of the discovery happens from books we review in the Booknews, BookNotes, and Enews; books we discuss in channels like podcasts, IGTV, You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (I’m getting more staff to do short book videos for Instagram/IGTV); virtual events and book chats. And by phone.

The rise in infections—there’s a hot spot not far from The Pen—leads us to revert to phone, curbside pickup, and internet shopping through the Fourth weekend. It’s a huge worry that if one of us becomes infected we present a danger to you, the rest of the staff, and end us up in quarantine which would shutter the store for a period.

It’s also worrying that masking has somehow become entangled in political statements and that various gatherings in Arizona (and elsewhere) can become super spreaders. Which prompts us to be proactive.

We thank you for your continued support and will work harder at innovating more ways to deliver discovery and reading to you.

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