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Welcome to 2021. I say that without irony despite recent events as we must all hope this year will move us towards unity, towards effective measures to deal with the pandemic, and so much more.

The good news for those who love reading, who love books, who find in them enlightenment, entertainment, comfort and stimulation both, is that I’m organizing The Pen into April and…. it’s all AMAZING! There is much to look forward to in the books and conversations helping bind our reading community together.
My wish would be that on our reading lists and in school curriculums nationwide would be our Constitution and Federalist Papers 1-10. In #10 James Madison points out that if America succumbs to a tyranny of minorities, our democracy, which depends upon consensus, cannot survive.

When I was in school so long ago Civics was a basic class. We not only read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers and discussed how government works, we read our State Constitution as well as local government documents. And were thoroughly quizzed on all.

It’s clear to me that too many Americans have not passed Civics and bat the words “Constitution” and “Constitutional Rights” around with no idea what those words actually mean.

If there is one thing any of us can do it is to urge reading these documents, and also review them ourselves. In between diving into the exciting fiction depicted in this and future Enews and our Booknews issues.

Thank you for your interest and support. We survived 2020 and are optimistic about 2021. While COVID continues to run so high in Arizona we remain committed to curbside pickup only but we hope to see you at The Pen before long.

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