Stephanie Barron Talks Mysteries Set in Academe

Stephanie Barron is the author of the “Being a Jane Austen Mystery” series. While she was writing the last in the series, Jane and the Final Mystery, she realized she wanted to write more than a deathbed story. She realized she was actually writing a boarding school mystery. Barron recently wrote an article for CrimeReads entitlled “7 Great Mystery Novels Set in Academe”. I’m sharing the link rather than the article itself because I don’t want to worry about copyright issues. But, if you have any interest in those mysteries, you’ll want to check out the article.

You might also want to check out the final book in Barron’s series. There are signed copies of Jane and the Final Mystery available in The Poisoned Pen’s Webstore.

Here’s the summary of the book.

The final volume of the critically acclaimed mystery series featuring Jane Austen as amateur sleuth

March 1817: As winter turns to spring, Jane Austen’s health is in slow decline, and threatens to cease progress on her latest manuscript. But when her nephew Edward brings chilling news of a death at his former school, Winchester College, not even her debilitating ailment can keep Jane from seeking out the truth. Arthur Prendergast, a senior pupil at the prestigious all-boys’ boarding school, has been found dead in a culvert near the schoolgrounds—and in the pocket of his drenched waistcoat is an incriminating note penned by the young William Heathcote, the son of Jane’s dear friend Elizabeth. Winchester College is a world unto itself, with its own language and rites of passage, cruel hazing and dangerous pranks. Can Jane clear William’s name before her illness gets the better of her?

Over the course of fourteen previous novels in the critically acclaimed Being a Jane Austen Mystery series, Stephanie Barron has won the hearts of thousands of fans—crime fiction aficionados and Janeites alike—with her tricky plotting and breathtaking evocation of Austen’s voice. Now, she brings Jane’s final season—and final murder investigation—to brilliant, poignant life in this unforgettable conclusion.

Stephanie Barron is a graduate of Princeton and Stanford Universities, where she studied history. A former intelligence analyst at the CIA, she is the author of thirty novels, including the critically acclaimed Merry Folger series, which she writes under the name Francine Mathews. She lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Visit her online at