Stuart MacBride’s Latest Serial Killer

Stuart MacBride’s third Ash Henderson novel, The Coffin Maker’s Garden is scheduled for release January 7. MacBride recently talked about writing about serial killers in an interview with Alison Flood in The Guardian. You can find that interview here.

In talking about stories of horror and murder, Flood quotes MacBride as saying, “We’ve always loved these kind of stories. You go right back to the days when we lived in caves, and we would sit around our fires and tell stories of the monsters that were outside in the darkness. Crime fiction does exactly that thing,” he says. “The monsters we are scared of as a society are the ones that we see in crime fiction, and the detectives are superheroes without capes. They are King Arthur. They are Beowulf. These are the people that we have always gravitated towards, in our fictions and our stories.”

You can order The Coffin Maker’s Garden, and other books by Stuart MacBride, through the Web Store.

A village on the edge…
As a massive storm batters the Scottish coast, Gordon Smith’s home is falling into the North Sea. But the crumbling headland has revealed what he’s got buried in his garden: human remains.

A house full of secrets…
With the storm still raging, it’s too dangerous to retrieve the bodies and waves are devouring the evidence. Which means no one knows how many people Smith’s already killed and how many more he’ll kill if he can’t be stopped.

An investigator with nothing to lose…
The media are baying for blood, the top brass are after a scapegoat, and ex-Detective Inspector Ash Henderson is done playing nice. He’s got a killer to catch, and God help anyone who gets in his way.


Stuart MacBride is the Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author of the Logan McRae and Ash Henderson novels. His work has won several prizes and in 2015 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Dundee University. Stuart lives in the north-east of Scotland with his wife Fiona, cats Grendel, Onion and Beetroot, and other assorted animals.