David Baldacci & A Virtual Debut

If you’re a fan of David Baldacci’s books, you’ll enjoy the virtual debut of his latest Atlee Pine novel, Daylight. He and Barbara Peters talked about writing, the settings of his novels, and a wide range of subjects. Before you watch the event, you can check out the Web Store with his books, including signed copies of Daylight. https://bit.ly/3pNAuPD

Here’s the summary of Daylight.

FBI Agent Atlee Pine’s search for her sister Mercy clashes with military investigator John Puller’s high-stakes case, leading them both deep into a global conspiracy — from which neither of them will escape unscathed.

For many long years, Atlee Pine was tormented by uncertainty after her twin sister, Mercy, was abducted at the age of six and never seen again. Now, just as Atlee is pressured to end her investigation into Mercy’s disappearance, she finally gets her most promising breakthrough yet: the identity of her sister’s kidnapper, Ito Vincenzo.

With time running out, Atlee and her assistant Carol Blum race to Vincenzo’s last known location in Trenton, New Jersey — and unknowingly stumble straight into John Puller’s case, blowing his arrest during a drug ring investigation involving a military installation.

Stunningly, Pine and Puller’s joint investigation uncovers a connection between Vincenzo’s family and a breathtaking scheme that strikes at the very heart of global democracy. Peeling back the layers of deceit, lies and cover-ups, Atlee finally discovers the truth about what happened to Mercy. And that truth will shock Pine to her very core.


Here’s the virtual event from The Poisoned Pen. Enjoy!