Plan Your January

If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of The Poisoned Pen, you’ll want to check out the schedule of January events so you can plan to be there when your favorite authors appear. Even if you don’t live within driving distance, check out the list. You might want to pre-order signed books. Check the Web Store.

Here are the upcoming events at The Poisoned Pen.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Events are at 7PM at The Poisoned Pen Bookstore unless otherwise noted.

01/06 (Mon) Tarryn Fisher signs The Wives (Graydon House $16.99/$27.99)

01/07 (Tues) Publication Party. Brad Taylor signs Hunter Killer (Morrow $27.99)
Our copies come with an exclusive: Pike Logan’s passport.

01/08 (Wed) 2PM A New Year’s Tea. Debra Goldstein signs Two Bites Too Many (Kensington $7.99) Sarah Blair cozy #2 in Wheaton, Alabama.

01/09 (Thurs) Publication Party. Thomas Perry signs Small Town (Grove $26)

01/11 (Sat) 2PM Scream for Ice Cream Publication Party. Dana Stabenow signs No Fixed Line (Head of Zeus $29.95) Kate Shugak #22.

01/12 (Sun) 2PM Publication Party. Tasha Alexander signs In the Shadow of Vesuvius (St Martins $27.99) Lady Emily in Pompeii. Karen Odden signs A Trace of Deceit (Morrow $16.99) Victorian Art World Mystery.

01/14 (Tues) Andrew Grant signs Too Close to Home (Ballantine $28)
Paul McGrath, courthouse janitor. Nick Petrie signs The Wild One (Putnam $26) Our copies include an essay by Petrie on why Iceland for Peter Ash.

01/15 (Wed) Paul Davies signs The Demon In The Machine: How Hidden Webs of Information are Solving the Mystery of Life.  (Allen $27.50) Winner of the 2019 Physics World Book of the Year Award.

01/16 (Thurs) Chris Hauty signs Deep State (Atria $27) Debut thriller.

01/18 (Sat) 2PM High Tea. Beatriz Williams/Lauren Willig/KarenWhite sign All the Ways We Said Goodbye (Morrow $27.99)

01/23 (Thurs) Chad Dundas signs The Blaze (Putnam $26) Two acts of arson in Montana.

01/25 (Sat) 2PM Joseph Finder signs House on Fire (Dutton $28) PI Nick Heller of Boston returns.

01/25 (Sat) 4PM Writers Workshop with Joseph Finder. Fee: $35 includes copy of House on Fire.

01/26 (Sun) 2PM Rosemary Simpson signs Death Brings a Shadow. (Kensington $26.00) The fourth book in The Gilded Edge Mystery series. Dianne Freeman signs A Lady’s Guide to Gossip and Murder (Kensington $26.00) The second book in the Countess of Harleigh Mystery series.

01/28 (Tues) Double Publication Party. Lisa Gardner signs When You See Me (Dutton $27) DD Warren, Flora Dane, Kimberly Quincy Boston thriller. Gregg Hurwitz signs Into the Fire (St Martins $27.99) Orphan X.

01/30 (Thurs) Joe Ide signs Hi Five (Mulholland $27) An IQ Novel.

02/01 (Sat) 2PM Publication Party. Rhys Bowen signs Above the Bay of Angels (Lake Union $24.95/$14.95).

02/04 (Tues) Douglas Preston signs Crooked River (Grand Central $29)
Lincoln Child presigns and joins in by Skype. Our copies include an exclusive photo of Lincoln on Sanibel Island as well as an additional chapter for 2019’s VERSES FOR THE DEAD. 

JANUARY DISCUSSION CLUBS Please buy your copy from The Pen. Anyone welcome but remember you risk spoilers if you don’t read the selection in advance.

Coffee & Crime: Saturday January 11 10:30 AM
Beaton, MC. Death of a Gossip ($8)

SciFi Friday: January 17 7:00 PM
Adeyemi, Tomi. Children of Blood and Bone ($18.99)

Croak & Dagger: Saturday January 18 10:30 AM
Karin Slaughter. Triptych ($9.99)

Hardboiled Crime: Wednesday January 29 7:00 PM
Brackett, Leigh. Stranger at Home ($9.99)