Golden Age Mysteries

If there is anyone who knows Golden Age Mysteries, books written in the 1920s and 1930s, it’s Martin Edwards. “He is consultant to the British Library’s Crime Classics, a former chair of the Crime Writers’ Association, and current President of the Detection Club.” If you search under his books in the Web Store, you’ll find a number of anthologies he edited for British Crime Club Classics and Sourcebooks/ Poisoned Pen Press.

So, you’ll want to check out Edwards’ article for The Strand Magazine, “10 Undervalued Golden Age Mysteries”. You might recognize some titles such as Agatha Christie’s Curtain. Then, you’ll want to check the Web Store for those books.

Then, I hope you come back a week from Monday when Martin Edwards shares books you might want to give as gifts, and dreams of a few books he would like to receive.