Those Best of…Lists

Readers love lists, and there are often lists of books toward the end of the year. Bookstores love lists because readers will often pick up books through the Web Store when they discover titles they might have missed. As you peruse a couple lists here, don’t forget the Web Store is available for your purchasing needs.

CrimeReads just put together their list of “The 10 Best Crime Novels of the Decade”. Those titles, with summaries, are interesting, but I found the attached list of “Notable Selections” even better. Don’t forget to browse those selections as well.

You’ll notice that CrimeReads did not include any books published in 2019, and they gave their reasons. However, Library Journal just released their list of Best Crime Fiction of 2019. In the United States, that magazine has a great deal of influence because libraries buy books based on the reviews in that journal. If you’re interested in this year’s crime fiction, check out the list from Library Journal.

Then, don’t forget to check the Web Store!