“Song for Chet”

If you’re a mystery reader, and see “Chet”, do you think of Spencer Quinn’s Chet and Bernie mysteries? The Boston Globe called Chet the dog, “the most memorable narrator in all of crime fiction”. Quinn will be at The Poisoned Pen on Wednesday, July 10 at 7 PM to talk about the latest book in the series, Heart of Barkness. You can order copies of Spencer Quinn’s books, including signed copies of Heart of Barkness, through the Web Store. https://bit.ly/2XKLNgf

Here’s the description of Heart of Barkness.

Spencer Quinn’s Heart of Barkness is the latest in the New York Timesbestselling series that the Los Angeles Times called “nothing short of masterful”…

Chet the dog, “the most lovable narrator in all of crime fiction” (Boston Globe) and P.I. Bernie encounter heartache and much worse in the world of country music. They’re both music lovers, so when Lotty Pilgrim, a country singer from long ago, turns up at a local bar, they drive out to catch her act. Bernie’s surprised to see someone who was once so big performing in such a dive, and drops a C-note the Little Detective Agency can’t afford to part with into the tip jar. The C-note is stolen right from under their noses ““ even from under Chet’s, the nose that misses nothing ““ and before the night is over, it’s stolen again. 

Soon they’re working the most puzzling case of their career, a case that takes them back in time in search of old border-town secrets, and into present-day danger where powerful people want those secrets to stay hidden. Chet and Bernie find themselves sucked into a real-life murder ballad where there is no one to trust but each other.


The following video is for everyone who loves Chet, or anyone who loves a dog. It’s called “Song for Chet”.