Australian Crime Fiction

Why not share a post about Australian crime fiction on Independence Day? After all, Australia is another country that was filled with rebels. Several years ago, Barbara Peters, owner of The Poisoned Pen, was asked what the next hot topic would be in crime fiction. Even before Jane Harper, Peters answered with Australia. She mentioned a couple Poisoned Pen Press authors, Sulari Gentill and Kerry Greenwood. In fact, Gentill won The Ned Kelly Award last year for her novel, Crossing the Lines. And, Greenwood’s Phyrne Fisher mysteries led to two different television series.

Sulari Gentill is mentioned in Aoife Clifford’s article for, “A Brief History of the Ned Kelly Awards”. If you’re unfamiliar with Australian authors, it’s a tutorial on some of the best-known ones.

Many of the books in Clifford’s article will be available through The Poisoned Pen Web Store.


I’m going to do something I seldom do on this blog. Nine years ago, thanks to The Poisoned Pen, I hosted Garry Disher at a library in Arizona. Disher has a new book available in the U.S., Under the Cold Bright Lights. At the time of release, I took the opportunity to share the recap of that event.