James Ellroy & This Storm

James Ellroy will be at The Poisoned Pen on Thursday, June 20 at 7 PM to discuss his latest book in his second LA Quartet, This Storm. You can order copies of Ellroy’s books, including a signed copy of This Storm through the Web Store. https://bit.ly/2KUNy3y

Here’s the summary of This Storm.

A massive novel of World War II Los Angeles. The crowning work of an American master.

It is January, 1942. Torrential rainstorms hit L.A. A body is unearthed in Griffith Park. The cops rate it a routine dead-man job. They’re grievously wrong. It’s a summons to misalliance and all the spoils of a brand-new war.

Elmer Jackson is a corrupt Vice cop. He’s a flesh peddler and a bagman for the L.A. Chief of Police. Hideo Ashida is a crime-lab whiz, caught up in the maelstrom of the Japanese internment. Dudley Smith is an LAPD hardnose working Army Intelligence. He’s gone rogue and gone all-the-way Fascist. Joan Conville was born rogue. She’s a defrocked Navy lieutenant and a war profiteer to her core.

They’ve signed on for the dead-man job. They’ve got a hot date with History. They will fight their inner wars within The War with unstoppable fury.


If you would like to know more about the book and James Ellroy before the event on Thursday night, check out Angus Batey’s interview with the author for The Quietus. https://bit.ly/2ZrEMhx