Robin Burcell & The Oracle

On Thursday, June 6 at 7 PM, author Robin Burcell hosts David Ricciardi, author of Rogue Strike and Matt Goldman, author of The Shallows. Copies of both books are available through the Web Store.

However, today it’s Robin Burcell’s book that I would like to mention. Burcell is Clive Cussler’s co-author of The Oracle, the eleventh Sam and Remi Fargo adventure. Release date is June 11, and it’s available for pre-order.

Here is the recent review of The Oracle, published in Publishers Weekly.

“In the prologue of bestseller Cussler’s exceptional 11th Sam and Remi Fargo adventure (after 2018’s The Gray Ghost, also coauthored with Burcell), Gelimer, the king of the Vandals, consults an oracle in a North African town in 533 C.E. Gelimer must retrieve a stolen scroll and return it to its rightful owner if his kingdom is to survive. The kingdom falls before he can find the scroll, whose location remains a mystery until the present day, when some clues turn up in an archaeological dig sponsored by Sam and Remi’s foundation. Meanwhile, the theft of a shipment of supplies to the girls’ school the Fargos support in Nigeria prompts the couple to travel from California to Africa to deliver replacement supplies. The subsequent kidnapping of Remi and some of the school girls by robbers appears to be related to the missing scroll. Witty dialogue, loads of detail about the local culture and food, and plenty of red herrings will delight Cussler fans. This entry may be the best yet in the series.”