The Cathedral of Notre-Dame, In Tribute and In Sorrow

The fire in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris was a loss to that city and the world yesterday. There are no words to describe the tragedy of the destruction of that beautiful building and its treasures. At this time, we can only share some of the history of Notre-Dame, and express sorrow at the loss of a treasure that was built beginning in 1163. The New York Times posted a short history.

Barbara Peters wrote, “We at The Pen with our deep connection to murder mystery are sensitive to the death of people.

But what of the death of an icon? That stands in the heart of Paris? The tragic loss of centuries of architecture, of art, of history, of its glorious glass, of artifacts stored in its Treasury?

Notre Dame. Irreplaceable. We must all mourn.”

Here’s just a short tribute, in pictures.