The Piper Center Upcoming Schedule

“The Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University is a home for writers, readers, and the literary community.” That’s the quote on their website at

Here’s a few events on their upcoming schedule.


o   Pulitzer prize-winning author Gregory Pardlo presents his talk, “The Messenger is the Message: Voicecraft and the Personal Essay“ Thursday, March 21 at Tempe Center for the Arts

2.     LOTS OF CLASSES FROM THE PIPER WRITERS STUDIO: Featuring eight new classes and workshops in memoir, fiction, poetry, publishing, and more

o   3/20: Building Compelling Scenes with Blair Hurley

o   4/2: Built Environments: The Craft of Formal Innovation with Saretta Morgan

o   4/6: True Story: Using Journalism Basics to Report Memoir with Amy Silverman

o   4/8: Advanced Fiction Workshop with James Sallis

o   4/20: Seven Ways to Disrupt Your Poetry with Terese Svoboda

o   4/27: From Query Letter to Publication: Navigating the Publishing Ecosystem with Yi Shun Lai

3.     PLUS TWO ONLINE CLASSES IN APRIL & MAY: Publishing Opportunities for Fiction and Nonfiction Writers with Beth Staples and Revising Your Novel with Corey Ann Haydu.

“All classes are non-credit, and are intended for, and open to the public.”