Charles McCarry, R.I.P.

Charles McCarry, credit to Reg Innell/Toronto Star, via Getty Images

This must be the week to discuss spies. Author Charles McCarry, who was a CIA operative, may have been forgotten in recent years. However, the Associated Press referred to him as the “dean” or “poet laureate” of American spy writers. Most of his books, including the bestselling The Tears of Autumn, about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, have to be special ordered through the Web Store. However, readers who are curious can find some titles immediately available.

Charles McCarry died Tuesday at the age of 88. The New York Times carried his obituary under the title “Charles McCarry, 88, Spy Turned Master Spy Novelist, Is Dead.”

They also carried a second article in the Arts section, “Charles McCarry, Prescient Spy Novelist, Dead at 88”.

May he rest in peace.