Don Winslow, In Conversation

You’re probably wondering why everyone is talking about Don Winslow’s final book in his Cartel trilogy, The Border. He was just at The Poisoned Pen, in conversation with two men who understand why there’s so much buzz. You can watch the conversation with Winslow, Robert Anglen from The Arizona Republic, and Patrick Millikin from The Poisoned Pen. You can also order a signed copy of The Border through the Web Store.

Here’s the conversation.

And, I’m going to quote Don Winslow from his Twitter account. He showed a picture from the event at The Poisoned Pen. But, it was his comment that is so important.

“Dear Writers, A packed house @poisonedpen Monday night. I’m posting this photo to tell you that when I came here for my first book, A Cool Breeze on the Underground, 1 person showed up. The owner, the great Barbara Peters, bought the ONLY copy I sold that night Never give up!”