Paris with Mark Pryor and Wild Blue Yonder

Sheila Campbell is a founding partner of Wild Blue Yonder. She spends a couple months a year in France, and leads group tours for Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C. She’ll be at The Poisoned Pen on Tuesday, Jan. 29 at 7 PM to talk about tours.

Jan Carbett, a long-time customer at The Poisoned Pen took one of the tours, and offered to write a short post about the trip. (She caught my attention, and I”m looking at one of the tours in 2019.)

Thank you, Jan!


Early in 2017 The Poisoned Pen newsletter had a short paragraph about trips to Paris, France with two different authors. One, Mark Pryor, was a mystery author. 

I had always wanted to go to Paris and I loved mysteries. I’ve been a PP customer for 20+years. So I read his books, loved them and sent an email to Sheila Campbell and started thinking about going. I trusted going on this trip because of my long association with the Poisoned Pen. Sheila was very patient with all my questions and concerns  and answered every one. It would be my first trip out of country all by myself with only myself to rely on to reach my destination, get to my hotel and meet the rest of the group.

It was FABULOUS! Several days we had a choice of two sets of activities led by either Sheila or Donna and each evening we all met for a delicious wine & cheese gathering to hear about the other half of the day’s trip and tell about our own.

Our author, Mark Pryor, took all of us out on walks where he had set a couple of his books and to where some of the murders had taken place. He also showed us the street and building he had set as his main character’s home and the real cafe he chose as his character’s favorite hangout.

His family was there with him and we saw them several times also. They gave us some insight into what it is like having a successful writer in the family.

I am so glad I went. This coming Tuesday, January 29 at 7 pm both Donna and Sheila will be at The Poisoned Pen to talk about their business and I am looking forward to joining them. I hope readers of this blog will also come and let us know you read it in this blog.