Travels with Laurie R. King

Laurie R. King, author of the Mary Russell books, recently traveled in Europe with Barbara Peters, owner of The Poisoned Pen. Barbara passed on King’s account of their trip from the News & Nonsense newsletter. You’ll probably be as envious as I am.

Hello all—I’m home again! And instead of looking out my window and seeing this—

Or this—

I look at this—

Yeah, that view is a real hardship, right?

Five weeks away, with a week in England followed by Bucharest, then a river trip up the Danube, ending in Budapest, and a drive to Vienna, and a couple days in Monaco before returning to family in England and then home.

During which I saw history from the Mesolithic

To the Roman

(Lots of Roman)

And Medieval

pausing to visit the Belle Epoque

before descending into the Communist era’s art

And architecture

and venturing into the modern(ish)

With fascinating places that mixed all the eras, styles, and purposes into a palimpsest of centuries

I also discovered a million ideas I’d never suspected.  Among other things, that they’re big on honey there in Serbia and Romania…

I saw hives lined up along the river

and honey for sale—in shops, outdoor markets, along the roadside

Hive art appeared on buildings

and posters

and…in a tasting. (The yellowish pollen mix was okay, but that with toasted sesame was amazing!)

And in case you’re wondering, now that my feet are back on Californian soil, I’m about to wander around for some events.  Such as MWA NorCal’s upcoming Mystery Week—where I’ll be—

Emceeing for Noir at the Bar

In conversation with Ellen Kirschman at the Belmont Library

And on the Santa Cruz panel

And on December 8, in Scottsdale with my good buddies Les Klinger and Dana Stabenow to celebrate Dana’s novel, Death of an Eye,  and our new collection

It’s out in December—you can pre-order a signed copy from The Poisoned Pen, or from your local Indie bookshop, or Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

Thanks for following me on this amazing journey, and as we look towards the end of a largely chaotic and difficult year, may you be blessed with unexpected beauty waiting to be discovered, sometimes beneath your very feet.

Laurie R. King’s website is

King’s books can be found in the Poisoned Pen’s Web Store.