Crime Books of the Fall

Sara Weinman. Kyle Mills, Sara Gran. Amy Stewart. Lou Berney. John Sandford. What do all of these authors have in common? They are all authors with a new book that appears on‘s list of “The Most Anticipated Crime Books of the Year”, the 75 books that close out the year. Best of all, those authors are all either closing out the month of September at the Poisoned Pen, or kicking off October. In fact, October’s full calendar looks like it was taken right from CrimeReads’ list.

So, check out Poisoned Pen’s calendar of upcoming author appearances.  Read the list of anticipated books on CrimeReads’ site. Then, come back to the Web Store. If you can’t come to an event with one of your favorite authors, you can order a signed copy through the Web Store.

You’ll want to know what’s happening at the Poisoned Pen this fall.