Joe Hill, An Unsolved Murder, and “Jaws”

You may know Joe Hill as the author of Strange Weather or The Fireman, and other bestselling novels. You might know him as Stephen King’s son. (Hill’s books are available through the Web Store.

But, Isaac Stanley-Becker’s recent article in The Washington Post points out that Hill is as curious about cold cases as the rest of us. In “A “˜tantalizing’ theory from Stephen King’s son: Shark thriller “˜Jaws’ holds the clue to an unsolved 1974 murder”, Stanley-Becker discusses Joe Hill’s theory about the identity of a murder victim.

It’s a fascinating article and theory. But, one line did make me laugh. Joe Hill is quoted as saying his father is fascinated about this theory as well. “Everyone in my family likes a good bit of weird,  unsettling Americana,” the writer said.