“C” is for Cabin & Courage

Dana Stabenow entitled her recent post for Femmes Fatales blog as “C is for Cabin”. She could have made that courage. That’s the courage women writers need to forge their own future. Or, she could have swiped the Femmes Fatales tagline and said “F” is for “Ferociously Talented Women”. Stabenow, the author of Silk and Song, once took some advice from Sue Grafton. Now, she’s sharing the help and support she’s received over the years with other women through Storyknife, a retreat for women writers. https://storyknife.org/

Here’s Dana Stabenow’s piece about her own experiences, Sue Grafton, and the future. It’s at Femmes Fatales. https://bit.ly/2BNQRpH


Thanks to Dana Stabenow for sharing the background and information about Storyknife. Now, I’ll share the link to her latest book, Silk and Song.  Signed copies are available through the Web Store. https://bit.ly/2Egm9mH