Matthew Quirk @ The Poisoned Pen

Did you miss Matthew Quirk at The Poisoned Pen to talk about his latest novel, Dead Man Switch?

Dead Man Switch

Here’s the premise.

“WHEN IT COMES TO QUIRK, I FOLLOW A SIMPLE THREE-STEP PLAN: BUY, CANCEL PLANS, READ.” –Gregg Hurwitz, bestselling author of Orphan X and The Nowhere Man

Someone is hunting down America’s most elite special ops soldiers–in their homes.

A deadly fall on a rugged stretch of California coast. A burglary gone wrong in Virginia. These incidents seem unrelated, but the victims were living undercover, their true identities closely held secrets. They are members of a classified team, the last line of defense against foreign threats. Now, someone is assassinating them, one by one, taking out family members and innocent bystanders to make the deaths seem like accidents.

Captain John Hayes, a special operations legend, has left the military to settle down with his family. But when he pieces together a pattern behind the murders and discovers that his protégée Claire Rhodes, a brilliant assassin, is the prime suspect, he returns to duty to unmask the attackers.

With every success, the killers grow bolder. Their ultimate goal: Lure Hayes and his remaining fellow soldiers to Manhattan, to eliminate them all in a single devastating strike. To save his teammates and thousands of innocent lives, Hayes must find a way to stop a seemingly unstoppable weapon.

Dead Man Switch delivers nonstop twists, turns, and action in a high-stakes thriller about what happens when the fight abroad follows our covert operators home-and their painstakingly constructed double lives are shattered.

Because author Philip Kerr was in town, he attended the program. Some of the photos include both authors.
Matthew Quirk 020
Left to right – Philip Kerr, Barbara Peters, owner of The Poisoned Pen, and Matthew Quirk
Matthew Quirk 010
Quirk and Kerr
Matthew Quirk 022
Kerr and Quirk
Matthew Quirk 013
Matthew Quirk signing books
Matthew Quirk 018
Signing Dead Man Switch

You can order a signed copy of Dead Man Switch through the Web Store.