Finder & Spiegelman at The Poisoned Pen

Joseph Finder and Peter Spiegelman were recent guests at The Poisoned Pen.

Finder event

Here are the two authors in that mysterious room where authors meet ahead of time to sign stock.

Finder and Spiegelman in the back room
Left to right – Joseph Finder, Peter Spiegelman

As a member of a number of audiences at the Pen, I can say it’s always fun to see the authors come from the front of the store to the speaking area.

Finder and Spiegelman
Left to right – Spiegelman, Finder

The authors even had joint moderators for the event, Barbara Peters, the store owner, and Patrick Millikin.

Finder group

Finders cast of characters

And, of course, they signed books afterward for the audience.

Finder signing

If you would like to see the event, it’s up on Livestream.

And, of course you can purchase signed copies of Finder’s Guilty Minds and Spiegelman’s Dr. Knox through the Web Store.

Finder Spiegelman poster